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You are fascinated by microbiology and you still didn’t choose your holidays destination ? Here is our advice to experience Microbiology !

Yellowstone National Park :

Located in the USA, it is the oldest National Parc of the world. Well known for its mountains and forests, people come from all over the world to discover its geothermal activity : geysers, hot springs …

vacances microbiologiques

These beautiful colors are created by thermophilic bacteria. Billions of them live in the hot springs, thanks to their resistance to extreme temperatures. So beautiful to see !

pasteur vacances microbiologiques

Louis Pasteur’s house

If you never had the occasion to stay in the region of Jura, in France, then go ! Such a beautiful rocky region in East France, which is also where Louis Pasteur was born.

There, you can visit his house. Aussi, vous pourrez-y visiter sa maison. Classified as « historic monument » since 1937, this is also a very interesting museum about all his discoveries.

For more information : http://www.terredelouispasteur.fr/la-maison-natale-de-louis-pasteur-a-dole/



Why not go to Amsterdam ? Amongst all the surprises provided by this city : Micropia ! A true Microbiology museum has opened in 2014. 3D microscopes, animations, microbe scanner…Discover the micro-organisms’ world in a fun way !

Back up solution

You still don’t know ? Then camping remains a good idea. Don’t worry, you will also find many micro-organisms …


camping vacances microbiologiques


Have a good summer break !

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