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Automated media preparation : inside DR. PLATE, Taïwan

dr plate taiwan automated media preparation

Located in Taipei, capital of Taiwan, Dr Plate company manufactures ready to use media and provides all types of Taiwanese laboratories, Pharma, Cosmetics, Food and Beverage, Veterinary, Clinical.

Dr Plate invested in a MEDIAWEL 30 to satisfy the growing demand of ready to use media !

Dr Plate produces more than 13 000 plates / month and is constantly increasing its capacity to respond to the demand.

media peparator in taiwan

Mediawel 30 is connected to :

Dehydrated media and distilled water are gathered directly into the vessel, while the stirring can be activated (variable speed between positions 1 and 9).

media preparator MEDIAWEL

Once the media is ready to be dispensed, the MEDIAWEL is unplugged and brought to the dispensing room. The MEDIAWEL is connected through a wide tube (with special 12mm adapter to dispense faster to 3 different nozzles). Dr Plate uses an automated system for dispensing in contact plates or 90 mm plates.

automated laboratory

And Dr Plate’s MEDIAWEL is connected to the WIFI network…

etrace mediawel

Is connected to their Wi-Fi network to trace all the Mediawel information on live. Connected to their PC and smartphones they can know the exact status of media preparation and be ready to intervene for following step (supplement addition, dispensing, etc). The dashboard is then storing all former reports to comply with their standards. 

If you want further information about Etrace technology please contact an A.B.E expert at contact@abioexpertise.com

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