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Peristaltic Pumps



The DOSYWEL is a multi-functional, compact peristaltic pump that provides a quick and accurate way of filling vessels with liquids. This device can fill 9 ml in just one second; 18 ml in 3 seconds and a total of 225 ml in 10 seconds, all with an accuracy of +/- 0.6 ml.

The DOSYWEL can be calibrated in a few simple steps. In addition, there is a reminder function to alert the user after a predetermined number of samples, that a calibration is due. Programming is easy – there are 20 different programs installed on the device, which can be customised according to your requirements.

Light weight for easy transportation, the DOSYWEL has the flexibility for additional pumps to be added.

  • Quik and easy calibration
  • 3 ways to distribute
  • Compact and light
  • Fingerstop design
  • Speed
  • Distribution: Manual, automatic or with footswitch
  • Adjustable speed: 0.1 to 9999 ml / 1-130% - 10-550 rpm
  • Calibration: Easy and fast at the beginning of a cycle and/or each x doses
  • Pause time: 0.1 to 99 seconds
  • Rotation way: Left or right
  • Programs: 20
  • Connectivity: USB port and Ethernet
  • Internal tubedimensions: 1.6mm / 3.2mm / 4.8mm / 6.4mm - Versilion™ / rotor Pumpsil™
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 250 x 190 x 210 mm
  • Weight: 3.3 kg
  • Power Supply: 100-250 V / 50-60 Hz / 90W
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Country of origin: France

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