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bio applicator

A bio-applicator is a light device, choc-proof and easy to clean, made to standardize the surface samplings. It is made of a piston on which the dish can be quickly fixed, and applied on the surface. A soft push is enough to start a countdown, indicating the end of the sampling.

The piston is calibrated to start the 10 seconds countdown only when a calibrated pressure is applied on it (not more, not less !). After this time, the device vibrates and flashes in red, indicating that the contact dish is ready for analysis. The sampling is standardized : sampling time is always the same, and so is the pressure, evenly distributed over the surface. And the agar is maintained on its sampling zone.

  • Sampling time: 10 seconds, indicator light during sampling then signals the end of sampling by vibration
  • Press strength: 500g, uniform pressure over the entire surface of the agar medium
  • Petri Dishes: Custom-made piston to adapt to your 55 mm Petri dishes
  • Dimensions: height 80 mm / ø 89 mm
  • Weight: 195g
  • Design: Body and piston in polyoxymethylene (POM, DELRIN® type), highly resistant to shocks and most detergents
  • Standards: : NF EN ISO 14698 -1 annex C, NF V08 -037, NF ISO 18593

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