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Diluwel® : Fast & Accurate gravimetric diluter

Along the 3 past years, we have visited more than 200 French laboratories and much more abroad, specialized in Microbioloy food testing. We have identified the following trends for the use of a gravimetric diluter :

gravimetric diluter

Towards a fast, accurate and compact gravimetric diluter…

We came to a conclusion that ideally, there should be a fast (to deal with more and more samples), accurate (for the 2% error) and compact diluter (to be used under biosafety cabinet).

Generally, it is difficult to be both accurate and fast. We are used to hear about compromises :


fast gravimetric diluter


Unfortunately, the gravimetric diluters are not an exception… (or better said, « were » not an exception !)

In order to respect the strict norms in terms of precision, the current diluters of the market are slowing down at the end of their dilution. This leads to higher accuracy and to compliance with the acceptation criteria. However this is making the dilution much longer… !


gravimetric dilutor


Diluwel : a new algorithm, fast and accurate…

After thousands of dilutions and pilot customers, we have set a new algorithm that combines fast dilution with extreme precision (<1% deviation).

Through our investigations, we have also set a faster stabilization of the balance to save more seconds even, without affecting the accuracy. 

We have shot a short film of the Diluwel in action, enjoy the stable, fast and accurate skills. 


Why not testing it directly in your laboratory ?



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