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Traditionally, microbiology labs have used steam autoclaves to prepare and sterilize media for culturing microorganisms. Although autoclaves are an excellent means of sterilization, they are not designed to maintain the fertility of carefully formulated culture media. Disadvantages of using an autoclave to prepare media :

– Requires multiple preparation steps including weighing, diluting, and pre-heating of dehydrated media.

– Risk of personal injury when boiling media on hotplates and handling hot bottles.

– Excessive heating can result in pH drift, poor gel strength and degradation of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and peptides.

– Extended heating periods can cause sugars in the medium to caramelize, reducing its ability to support microbial growth.

– Temperatures reached in different parts of the autoclave can vary, resulting in variations in the appearance and fertility of the media.

autoclave - specifications


In comparison, Media preparators ensure maximum sterility is achieved while minimizing the damage to the nutrient components. They enable technicians to prepare culture media in an easy, reproducible way that improves the overall quality of the media.

– Significantly reduces the time needed to run a full cycle.

– Allows large volumes of media to be prepared at once.

– Ensures good media homogeneity.

– No need to weigh and dilute multiple bottles of dehydrated media.

– Reduces the manual operations required, thus minimizing the risk of error and contamination.

– Enables full traceability of media preparation.


media preparator - advantages


Why choose an A.B.E. Media Preparator ? 

Latest generation of media preparator, the MEDIAWEL is ergonomic and versatile. Compatible with all types of agar and diluents, this media preparator is very easy to use, particularly with its touch screen. You can save up to 50 programs, configurable from 1 to 4 temperature levels. With a large tank and a very large stirrer, the MEDIAWEL is very easy to clean and avoids any risk of contamination. Equipped with large wheels, it is also very easy to move. With the connected traceability, you can follow the cycles in real time on your PC or Smartphone. 




The MEDIAWEL is available in 10L and 30L capacities

Mediawel alliance bio expertise



Because a few images are better than 1000 words, we are planning on doing a YouTube Live on media preparation. We would like to know if this may interest you !


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