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Sample dilution have been entirely rethought from the industrial lab’s eye: DILUWEL XL revolution is born!

For the past decades, dilutors have been designed for “small” samples, from 10 to 25g. Diluwel standard amongst them have shown strong advantages by having a small footprint, being precise and quick in its daily routine.

dilueur alliance bio expertise


But then, new protocols appeared in the lab, with “bigger” samples, and we’ve seen labs willing to dilute 125g or even 375g with their regular dilutor. At that point, strategy for manufacturers was simple: stretch the dilutor holders, which were designed to take the less space possible on the bench, as much as possible to offer the possibility to use big bags. But with no other adaptation.

And it works, but with compromises: pumps are already at maximum speed, can’t receive bigger tubings. The workflow cannot be adapted. It takes between 1:30 and 3 minutes to dilute a 375g sample 1/10. And some users stopped going to the gym, it was not needed anymore: lifting everyday dozens of 4L bags at arm length started to create new musculoskeletal disorders that were not spotted so far.

In French, there is an idiomatic expression: if you can do more, you can do less. Not the reverse. Imagine: I have a Smart car (or a Fiat 500, I love this one!), it’s perfect because I live downtown: small carpark, low consumption. But I am planning to move in the countryside and have kids: is it still going to be the right one? Up to today, dilutors can do the less, but are doing their best to do more.

What if your dilutor was designed to do more, but could also do less ? 

ABE R&D took the approach directly from the eye of the industrial labs: their users. After hours of observations, discussions, tests, a revolution for this step, in food sample analysis, is born: the DILUWEL XL.



The DILUWEL XL is the fastest dilutor on the market, but not only.

To overview the machine, 2 main advantages can be underlined:

The first one is the distribution speed: the pump is designed to ensure the best distribution time for “large” samples and can be adjusted for “smaller ones”. Always compliant with a precision >99%, a 10g sample is diluted 1/10 in less than 10 seconds, and a 375g sample in the world record time of 36 seconds.


The second one is the ergonomy: because 4L bags or bowls management is not the same as 400ml bags, the workflow has been designed with users. On a very low balance, a bag holder including a plastic rack supports the bags by the bottom, allowing to reduce the weight on the seals (less leaks), and to lift the 4L bag keeping your arms in a natural L shape reducing the handling efforts. 


dilutor alliance bio expertise


All important routine information are displayed on a upper screen to reduce tension in the neck (current weight, colored status LED for the weight of the sample and final precision), and the important functions are available on the side of the balance, right in front of the user, the closest to him/her possible with a waterproof panel.

The system is completely modular so that the pump and tablet can be installed outside the workstation to simplify cleaning and clear the space for your work, not for the dilutor.

Enjoy a full video presentation of the DILUWEL XL here : 


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