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Automated media preparation

  • The Media sterilization


The MEDIAWEL 30, guarantees a high fertility and sterility of your media. The preparation process is fast (50 to 90mins). The temperature is controlled all along the process. The temperature probe is placed deep inside the media to guarantee accurate sterilization and dispensing temperatures. The media is constantly homogenized all along the cycle to insure a good uniform quality. The stirrer is wide and smooth to prepare all types of media (wide viscosity range) and avoids bubbling. While dispensing, the MEDIAWEL keeps the media at an accurate temperature.

The MEDIAWEL 30 is flexible and can prepare from 3 to 30 L in one cycle. Productive with up to 50 programs, configurables from 1 to 4 temperature steps.

MEDIAWEL is part of the latest generation of automated media preparator. It is recognized worldwide as ergonomic and multi skilled. Compatible with all types of agars and diluents, the MEDIAWEL is easy to use, especially with its large 7” LCD touch screen, with intuitive programming.

MEDIAWEL is easy to clean and avoids any risks of contamination. It is equipped with large medical wheels and is easily transportable.

All data during media preparation are traced on a chart. The documents are stored in the MEDIAWEL and are exportable on a pdf / csv file through USB key or through Wifi.

  • The Media dispensing

The DISTRIWEL 440 is a an automated Media dispenser, or better said Media pourer stacker. This is a complete automate, that guarantees a sterile dispensing, high productivity (750 dishes poured in 60 mins) and a high quality media (fast solidification thanks to the Peltier effect).

The DISTRIWEL 440 can directly be connected to the MEDIAWEL. The integrated peristaltic pump dispenses 1 to 99ml and can be used separately to fill in tubes or any other containers. The DISTRIWEL 440 is easy to use, with its large 7” LCD touch screen, with intuitive programming.

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