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Media Preparation from Edward Vinson Ltd – Soft Fruit Growers

Edward Vinson Limited has been growing soft fruit for over 150 years, and is one of the leading suppliers to Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Tesco. At the forefront of everbearer breeding (late season fruit) for over 20 years, they have successfully grown two of their own strawberry varieties: Sweet Eve and Eve’s Delight.

Media Preparation from Edward Vinson Ltd

With the advancement in plant growth techniques, Edward Vinson invested in a laboratory a number of years ago to focus on the breeding, micropropagation and propagation of soft fruit plants. With these new techniques proving very successful the company recently purchased a MEDIAWEL 30 to assist with their annual production of media.

Media Preparation from Edward Vinson Ltd - mediawel 30

Before the purchase of the automatic media preparator, the staff used the traditional autoclave method, and would pour the culture media into containers for micropropagation. Due to increased demand, this method of producing media became too time-consuming.With the MEDIAWEL 30, the team are able to produce larger batches and then dispense using a peristaltic pump. This ensures less media wastage due to the media being precisely measured – which in turn ensures optimal growth conditions.


Rick Cook, Operations Director at Edward Vinson, said of the new equipment :

“We’ve found that the MEDIAWEL 30 is intuitive to use, and that we are producing good quality media at a good speed. It is easy to clean and the drainage plug has proved to be a very useful method of extracting excess media from the bottom.”


Testimonial collected and written by our partner Don Whitley Scientific – United Kingdom 

Header photo courtesy of edwardvinson.co.uk  


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Media Preparation from Edward Vinson Ltd – Soft Fruit Growers

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