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OZZON is a dedicated station for the disinfection of the technician’s equipment : High disinfection level against bacteria, virus and molds in 45 minutes !


  • High disinfection level against bacteria, virus and molds. Technical data and trials from the Virhealth laboratory and Food and Environment laboratory of Vendée (FRANCE)
  • Protects from the cross contamination
  • Improves the equipment life time
  • Drying System : Air recirculating drying system (Patented system)
  • Material : Electrogalvanized material (0,8mm) with leather grain paint
  • UV lamp ozone forming
  • Anti-odour treatment & disinfection
  • Stop of the drying system when doors opening
  • Extraction with Carbon Filter - HE PA filter in option
  • Key lock
  • Delayed start
  • Double thermostat security
  • Station designed for the water recuperation
  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Country of origin : France
  • Power supply : 220 V / 10-16 A

1) What are the risks linked to the ozone generated ?

- The cabinet has been designed to avoid any risks linked to the ozone - The ozone concentration inside the cabinet is 1ppm. Outside, 0 ppm. - The cycles (45mins or longer) are all ending with a 3 mins extraction time, to empty the remaining ozone. - The extraction is done towards the carbon filter that destroy the ozone. - The door is locked and can’t be opened, while the cabinet is running, so that the ozone has time to decompose before the opening.

2) Were there any validations done for the disinfection ?

- Multiple studies were done with the Laboratoire departmental of Vendée, who controlled the antiviral actions on textiles after an operating time of 45mins on the following 6 germs :

o Escherichia coli analyzed with ISO 166491 method

o Bacillus cereus analyzed with NF EN ISO 7932 method

o Staphylococcus aureus analyzed with NF EN ISO 6888 2 method

o Pseudomonas aeruginosa analyzed with NF EN ISO 13720 method

o Listeria monocytogenes analyzed with AL/BRD 07/16 01/09 method

o Candida albicans analyzed with NF V08 059 method.

The cultural method confirmed the bactericidal action

- Multiple studies were also done with the Laboratoire VirHealth based in Lyon, on the same principle, with 3 virus strains :

o Norovirus murin , from the Norovirus family, responsible for gastroenteritis

o Vaccine virus, responsible for the cow’ smallpox

o The human coronavirus HCoV 229E, representative virus of the coronavirus family, which SARS CoV 2, virus de la Covid 19, is part of.

The same way, after measurement, it confirmed the virucide action

3) How often do we have to change the Carbon filter ?

- Every 6 months.

4) How often do we have to change the UV Ozone lamp ?

- Every 10 000 hours.

5) Can I place more labcoats than the advised capacity ?

- We recommend to place 4 to 6 coats in the AR60 and 8 to 10 in the AR120 to have the right efficiency of disinfection (for a good homogeneous circulation of the air and ozone into the cabinet).

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